Data Core Project



The Data Core development project is running alongside B2B66 project.

Our Core Data system takes the information from multi sources of customer data i.e. your company website, and creates a Data Core of information which you can update and modify.

The Data Core, once the information is confirmed to be correct can be used to drive your Chinese website, social media, Chinese APP, etc. The information in the Data Core can also be translated into Chinese.

This project enables Access to China to create your Chinese business internet presence, e.g. website, social media, with only having to make little / no changes to your exiting website.

Any order ordering processing can past back to your current website without any information been stored on the Chinese website.

The goals of this project can be summarised as;

  • Greatly increased speed to implement Chinese internet presence (days not weeks)
  • Greatly decreased costs
  • Maintains customer existing website structure
  • SEO data in Chinese
  • Chinese search engine feeds
  • Local Chinese language translation as required


Project current status;

Work has started on this project.

We already have this system working. However it currently uses manual processes. This project is about its automation of the processes



System Design


System development

July 2017

System testing

Sept 2017

User acceptance testing

Oct 2017


Oct 2017

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