Only 25% of foreign internet sites can be seen in China, 20% take over 20 seconds to be open and 55% cannot be seen at all.

There is a very high probability that your internet site cannot be seen in China


For Chinese businesses there is no simple way to find overseas products and services;

Chinese businesses, like most businesses world-wide, start their search for products and services on the internet.

Chinese people searching the internet, will see about 25% of foreign business internet sites given the slow responses times and blocked content.

There is a very high probability that your business internet site contents; website, social media, etc, cannot be seen in China.

Our platforms, available and working today, at 10% of costs to create an internet site


Our platforms “front ends” your existing internet site removing the need for a second site for the Chinese market;

  • Sufficiently reduces costs in developing a new internet for Chinese market: $400 to $600 not $4,000 to $6,000.
  • Sufficiently reduces implementation time: days not weeks or months.
  • Your Chinese internet enquiries and orders are processed by your existing internet systems and therefore removing the need to monitor and maintain a different system for the Chinese market.
  • No need to maintain two databases: product, prices, etc.
  • No need to maintain two systems: lowest operational costs.

Make your internet site be seen and be found on the Chinese internet


Our platforms allows you to use your existing internet site as we take a dynamic copy which enables;;

  • Your business internet site to be seen in China
    • Replace blocked internet content
    • Speed up your website response in China
    • Locally re-host multi-media allowing access in China
  • Allow your internet site to be found in China
    • Local hosting and domain name
    • Translate SEO data into Chinese
    • Chinese search engines submission

Our platforms are ready to give your business access to the Chinese internet


Access to China has developed 3 platforms to effectively enable your business internet contents; e.g. website, videos, to be seen on the internet in China at less cost than an economy plane ticket to China per year.

  • WiTravel platform – open your tourist and business destinations to be viewed on the Chinese internet my millions of people.
  • B2B66 platform – enabling your business to be seen and found on the internet in China
  • B2C66 platform – open your e-Commerce site to the Chinese internet market

Last modified: July 2019