Being seen on the Chinese internet

Being seen on the Chinese internet

Being seen on the Chinese internet

Being seen on the internet in China

Your internet site; website, social media, e-Commerce, etc, in many ways is the simple to adapt for the Chinese internet market.

Below ia a list of articles we have ordered in priority for your consideration. The list starts with the basic question; is your internet site visible in China?

Correcting your Chinese internet site visibility can be performed by your technical staff or, please consider our Chinese internet platforms which enable your internet site to be seen and found in China without changing your existing internet site.

Access to China Chinese internet platforms;

  • B2B66 – for your company information: products and services descriptions
  • B2C66 – for your e-Commerce internet site
  • WiTravel – for the travel trade, tourist destinations and businesses

Secondly to being seen on the Chinese internet, is your internet site content.

We recommend keeping your internet site as foreign as is it currently.

Chinese business and consumers want to see overseas internet sites with a look and feel of your local country. They do not want see a Chinese looking internet site which will question the genuine source of product or service.

If you are reaching out to Chinese businesses and people, they will look for your internet site in the very early stages of developing business relationship. Given the difference in languages, etc, your internet site is key to creating an understanding about for business, products and services.

If your internet site has been getting out of date and time and resources does allow for major changes, we recommend simplifying your internet site content and removing out of date information.

If you are investing time and resources in looking been seen and found in the Chinese markets it is better to less correct information than more incorrect information on your internet site.


Last modified: April 2020