Sourcing from China

Sourcing from China

Sourcing from China

Chinese Internet paper. A collection of all articles published on the website


Chinese Internet paper. A collection of all articles published on the website

There are many reasons why your internet content; website, social media, APP, etc., is not been seen in China. While there are technical reasons for this, most differences are in product and services available on the Chinese internet.

This report brings together descriptions and recommendations for your consideration making the Chinese internet accessible to your business and Chinese trading ambitions.

Many of the points raised apply to internet content been seen anywhere in the world. Following many these recommendations will help your business internet visibility world-wide.


Publishing on the Internet in China

The rules and regulations of publishing internet site content in mainland China are the governance of the PR China. This paper is our understanding as at the date of published.

These rules and regulations require your business, before publishing on the Chinese internet, to have access to an Internet contents publishing (ICP) license. There are different levels of ICP license allowing you to publish different types of contents and trade on-line.

There are many internet site content publishing options in China, these are covered in this report; e.g. International and Chinese platforms, International and Chinese System as a Service.


Chinese Intellectual property rights

There has been a lot said and written about the problems with intellectual property rights in China by politicians, press and businesses world-wide.

This is a summary of points to be considered when marketing and trading on the internet.


Chinese language on the internet

Should you or should you not publish your website? Chinese language is often seen as complex.

It is not. This paper's goal is to help you understand the facts and processes so you can make an informed business plan if the Chinese internet market is appropriate for your business.


Can your business internet site be seen in China?

Chinese businesses often state that they want to trade with international business. The problem is locating potential trading partners. Their starting point, like the rest the world, is a search on the internet. This is hampered from the outset as international internet site; website, social media, video platforms, etc, often cannot been seen in the in the Chinese search engines correctly.

Our Chinese internet site testing tools enables your business to see the performance of your internet content from inside China.


The Internet in China checklist

The internet in China check list has been developed as summary of actions for a business to consider;

  • Publishing or trading on the internet in China
  • Entering into the world wide Chinese market
  • Visiting China on Business


These articles and paper are under reviewed and will be updated over the next months.

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