up to date content

up to date content

up to date content

Up to date internet site content

Up to date internet site content check list

Many businesses have out of date internet contents, e.g.

  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Social media
  • Email addresses
  • Supporting media: brochure, business cards, etc.

Keeping your internet contents to date with your product and service information when trading overseas will support you well when trading in China and overseas in general.

Chinese businesses will often check your company internet content to get a better understanding of your business before and after meetings.

Overseas business is often conducted in a second language which will have misunderstanding where ideas and products are new to an overseas company. This is where your company internet content is the key to understanding what your company is offering.

In the Chinese market your company internet content is often used for;

  • As reference point to check your business existence
  • Business look and feel
  • To share information with bosses and colleagues
  • Where Chinese government funding is involved both the Chinese and UK government will check your business details.

Most large companies in China will be government owned or will have government agreements to delivery key components of the Chinese 5-year plan. In these cases, your business will be checked by different levels of the Chinese authorities and references can be asked of the British embassy.

Please remember the best person to update the content of your company internet content is the business day to day owner not the IT staff. You may need assistance from IT staff with the design and coding. The good internet content is the responsible of the business. 

Access to China recommendations

Stating that your internet content should have the up to date information could be considered that we are “stating the obvious”. Doing business international is both exceptive in time, commitment and costs. Spending a little time and cost on bring your internet content up to date will give you a better support in achieving success overseas.

Note: - Dating your internet pages will help the search engines. If your company internet content is kept updated the Search Engine give preference to your content.

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