Being seen to the Chinese Market

There are many reasons why your website is not been seen in China. Below are lists of reasons and corrections for your consideration.

Many of the points raised apply to internet contents; websites, social media, etc., been seen anywhere in the world and therefore changing your website for internet in China will help your business internet visibility world-wide.

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Internet content for the Chinese market

Your internet contents, website, social media, store, etc., in many ways is the simplest to adapt for the Chinese market. China has traded very successfully international for over 50 years and their demand for overseas goods and services grows monthly.

While there are elements of change which may require your software developer, e.g. mobile and tablet look and feel, most of the changes need to be driven by your business.

Chinese mostly start trading on the internet or at trade fairs. The size of China is like the USA, people do not travel for hours when the business can be started on the internet or over the telephone.

It is very important that your business can be seen on the internet in China if want trade with the Chinese.

Having simple few internet pages, i.e. your business card and brochure on-line, is better than incorrect internet content when trading overseas.

If time does allow for major changes we recommend simplifying your internet content and removing out of date contents.


Your internet contents as seen from China

In the General Press you often see "The Great Chinese Firewall" blocking overseas your internet contents. While there is internet contents blocked in China it is not the main reason for business internet contents not be seen in China.

The public internet between the China and Europa goes through USA and therefore internet traffic travels long distances to and from China. This greatly slow down the performance of your business internet contents.

The exception to this general point is Social Media contents. As at the time of writing, October 2017, all overseas Social Media contents is blocked in China with the exception is


The importances of Chinese internet planning

To be found on the internet anywhere in the world you must plan your;

  • Internet identity
  • Domain and social media names
  • The best technical solutions so that you can be seen
  • Protect your identity and technology

The Chinese internet is no different in the need to plan, invest and protect.

There are a few assumptions to make when planning for Chinese internet;

  • Chinese market demand for genuine international branded goods
  • Chinese demand for high quantity products
  • Chinese internet market developing in different ways and directions
  • The strong growth and development of the Chinese internet services and platforms
  • The speed of change both in new services and popular services demising in only a few years

Here are some subjects for your consideration

Chinese internet distribution channels

There are many different ways of using the internet to market and sell your products and services.

The internet is always changing as new ideas and new services become available.

These we call the Channels to market to distribute your published internet contents and sell product and services: Distribution Channels.