The internet has changed the business world
In is happening daily all over the world
Like the printing press over 650 years go
The printing press enable commutations to towns and cities. The internet enables commutations world wide.
Many buiness are not see the changes
Is your internet present support your trading or point in which you start trading?
The race is on world-wide to control and profit from internet explanation.
Given the indepenant deveopment of the internet in China there are two countries running the internet: USA and China
The internet is merging markets world-wide.
With a little time and knowlodge you can see the opportunity
Your local market in now available internationality
You no longer need to leave your office to trade overside your local market.

Want to grow your business in Chinese market?

The Chinese market is not just trading in China and in the past.

Your local market now has access to Chinese market.

This is due to;

  • Chinese international trading over the internet,
  • Chinese delegations traveling world-wide for trade and education,
  • Chinese people on holiday exporting the world and returning to China with gifts of expletive banded products,

You on longer need to visit China to trade with China.

If you are serious about China, you need to be visible on the Internet in China!

Most overseas websites cannot be seen in China. It is a straight forward process to correct this using Access to China products and services.

We have a unique understanding of the practical and legal web issues, restrictions and requirements in China and how to help companies have optimum web visibility there. We have over 16 years’ experience serving international companies working in China.

Our company was founded to help business be seen in China on the internet and to give software companies access to the Chinese market.

This year we see the start of our own Cloud Hosting Services in China. We believe this is a first for an overseas company in China.

Our knowledge and advice is free. Our Chinese platforms is available when you want to make a start in the Chinese market.

For your consideration

In working with businesses in North America, Asia and Europe I feel the importance of the internet has been lost on many companies trading locally and world-wide trading.

The internet is often seen as something your business needs a presence on and not the main point in which to start trading. Maybe we saw it as something that was important in the 90’s but we have move on, that was yesterday idea!

This is not the case; the birth of the internet was as important as the birth of the printing press. Like the printing press, the internet is finding different uses very quickly given that the internet, like the printing press, enables faster commutation of information. If the printing press gave access to towns and cities., the internet gives us access to the world.   

There has been a world-wide change in the use of the internet which has been developing over the last 10 years.

The USA has leads the way, “if you are not online you not trading”. This is followed by China, not Europe, with number of users over 800 million and growing. The developing markets of Africa and South America will follow soon.

There has been a growing and changing use of the internet driven by the youth of the world over. 20 years ago, TV, books, newspapers were the main sources of information. Today the growing demands for information, educations and purchases is supplied by the internet.

There is now a generation which grew up with the internet and is working in business. They are changing the way in which we trade locally and international. This change is so great that your local market now has direct access to the international market.

This change is not a “Big Bang” but the changes are happening daily and are often missed by business.

Based on our company extensive knowledge we suggest the following key issues need to be considered;

  • Be seen on the internet world-wide. What services on the internet have been developed recently? Can new services help to grow your business or are they going to take control away from your business?
  • The amount of information being collected has given birth to the term “Big Data”. How can you put this information to use for our business?
  • With each passing generation the world-wide knowledge grows. The world-wide demand for education and training is growing fast along with the growing populations. Is your business seen as a source for information?
  • The world-wide control of distribution channels. The use of the internet enables people to access products and services faster. New big businesses are keen to manage and control access to products and services. Do these new businesses create new business opportunities or effect your current trading?

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Internet contents local country language

Local language is the one of the most confusing subjects to resolve in publishing / selling on the internet worldwide.

The internet main language is English and while the Chinese user numbers will grow most international Chinese will have a command of the English language. English is the first international language in Chinese schools which at one time there are over 100million people in China learning English in schools, colleges and university.

In simple terms, for the basis of trading in China, there are three groups of languages.

  • Local language to the area. Most cities have their own language. Why it is a local dialect. Most people between cities will not understand the local dialects, i.e. if talking in the local Shanghai language will not be understood by someone in Beijing.
  • Mandarin is the language of China. This was started by the emperors of China and fully implemented by Chairman Mao. One country needed one common language.
  • Traditional Chinese is the written language of Hong Kong, Taiwan and many area of southern Asia. Traditional Chinese is the common written language but is spoken differently in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This also includes areas of the world where Chinese people emigrated to prior to 1950’s e.g. California, USA.

Most people in China speak Mandarin and often their local dialects.

To add to the confusion a little more there are three forms of written language in China

  • Traditional Chinese – The original written language of China. The writing of this language it its fullest form is Art and takes many years to prefect. It is also Cantonese is written using the traditional Chinese characters.
  • Simplified Chinese – is the written language of China.
  • Romanisation systems – There have been many ways created for writing Chinese in Latin (European) characters. Pinyin is the standard which has been used by the internet. Most Chinese people under the age of 40 years old will use Pinyin to write Chinese characters on a PCs, mobiles, etc. The other versions of these writing system will be used by old people as Pinyin was not been used in schools during their education. To learn more please visit BCC website

Translation technology is getting better. Translation from English to Chinese at this time, May 2017, is not reliable to communicate directly to your customers.

First recommendation, whatever languages is on your website, do not use automatic translation.

This does not mean that automatic translation will not be used. The end user can always turn on translation on their browser. In doing so they still have the unreliable translation but end user knows that it is not your website making the mistakes, they know they made the decision to use an automatic translation process.

While this approach seems fine, there are a number of issues it does not address

  • SEO - Any form of automatic translation will not change the basic data in the website which the Search Engines in the local language
    • Title
    • Description
    • Headings
    • Contents
    • Website language code
  • While B2B users may take time to review a website in English, will B2C customers make the time?
  • Do people purchase products / services from a website not in the local language?

Let's look at each of these points

China these days is looking out to the world. They are world-wide trading country. Far more than the UK.

It is an advantage if your website looks like it's from overseas. There is a distrust of Chinese websites / social media selling overseas product and services. Is the overseas products you see on a Chinese website a genuine or counterfeit? Often a Chinese consumer will trust an overseas website ahead of the Chinese website.

This approach works both for B2B and B2C markets. The local language is a problem when you are in a distribution channel which for the local Chinese market and you are one of the few products in English e.g. (the local Chinese TMall). In these situations you have your data translated.

The largest issue is how to be seen if the searches on internet are in Chinese and your social media / website is in English?

The options for condition

  • Do nothing - leave the website in English only - the indexing of the internet content will only be index in English
  • Create additional pages to your existing website in Chinese. A “Welcome Page” in Chinese with the keys elements of your business explained. This will help your website to be index in Chinese. Review this option with your website developer and ask for HTML sections to be added to this page(s). This will allow you to have more than one heading to be indexed in the search engines. - HTML structural elements
  • Fully translate all / most website in your website While this gives good appearance and commitment to the Chinese market the overhead of updating is higher
  • Create an additional website in Chinese. This enables your Chinese website to develop for the overseas market and does constrain your exiting website. Again, the overhead for managing two websites will be higher.
  • Create a small video in Chinese this helps greatly with the understanding of your business and / or products and services. Please see this example
  • Automatic clone of your website – A process supplier by Access to China that enable a website to be change dynamically to added, change and remove contents.


Chinese local language Access to China recommendations


Business 2 Business

Business 2 Consumer (e-Commerce)

Estimated  cost of change

Estimated  duration of change


Do nothing

This works fine as long as the other raised points in this website are addressed e.g. common words, English structure, website hosting, etc.

Not recommended



Check that your website can be seen from mainland China

Create additional pages in your existing website in Chinese

A good solution.

It is a good place to start in seeing if you can attract interest to your website

Less than £75 / $100 per page plus translation fees

A few days

Check that your website can be seen from mainland China

Fully translate your website

Large undertaking, costly, and distracting from creating new business options.

Important that you have your products descriptions and transaction processing in local language

Translation and proof reading costs

Weeks / Month

Recommended if your website allows multi-language

Create a Chinese website

All the overheads of the above. Only to be undertaken if you are regularly trading or promoting in China

Important that you have your products descriptions and transaction processing in local language

The costs we be the same as creating a new website


Change your current website to multi-language or Auto Clone below

Create a small video

Highly recommended

Highly recommended

£3k ($4k) to £5k ($6.5k)


Make sure the video is locally available in China

Auto Clone

Developed by Access to China to addresses these translation issues and many other points raised in this website.

Cost start from £75 ($100)


It is a good option at the outset for both B2B and B2C trading. See Data Core for more information


Web page last modified: May 2018