Look and feel of your business on the Chinese internet

look and feel of your bsuness on the chinese internet2

Look and feel of your business on the Chinese internet check list

Look and feel of your business on the Chinese internet overview

Chinese business and consumers want to see overseas internet sites with a look and feel of the local country. They do not want see a Chinese looking internet site which will question the genuine source of product or service.

Creditability of information, products, services, etc, on the internet has been an issue for many years, “How do you know what you are reading is correct or are you purchasing genuine product?”.

As reported in press and multi media inside and outside China the issues of creditability and genuine within China internet is large issue for internal and external information and products.

Chinese through publicating rules and regulations have some controls over the creditability of information. This has not been so successful for products and services.

Products have two main issues; brand creditability and where brand is not known, quality.

With Chinese consumer “boom” are increasingly purchasing overseas products as they are looking for creditability, quality and branded goods.

The best example in recent years; international consumer brands, baby food, and international travel.

Our recommendation, is to keep your internet site / internet present look and feel unchanged for the Chinese market, provided responsive design: display clearly on mobiles and tablets.

Look and feel of your business on the Chinese internet on mobiles and tablets

Most internet sites; website, social media, etc, in China are viewed using mobiles or tablets.

This is being confirmed by Shenma. Shenma is the first major Chinese search engine which has been written for mobile / tablet user only. In the last year, Shenma is the fastest growing search engine in China: https://m.sm.cn/

Desk-top screens are still used in businesses along with laptops.

Most internet sites in China are viewed using mobiles or tablets. Desk-top screens are still used in businesses along with laptops. Chinese internet content, like the rest of the world, is designed as dynamic internet site or APPs.

A dynamic internet sites is when the presentation of your content changes with the size of screen being used to view your data, multi-media, etc. This is often referred to as a "Responsive internet site Design".

A non-Dynamic internet sites is hard to read on smaller screens and therefore not viewed on mobile successfully. In some cases, tablet as well.

If your company internet site does not have a responsive design, we recommend this is change before entering into Chinese market.

When an internet site is shown on a smaller screen the media contents, i.e. pictures, videos, etc., are still sent to mobile screen at the same size as the desk top full screen. This creates problem with mobile internet site response times. We recommend as part of creating a dynamic internet site this issue is addressed by having internet site developer.

Once you have a dynamic internet site please remember you can submit the mobile and tablet format to the search engines. This should generate further interest in your internet site contents.

If you wish to test your internet site to see if it is mobile friendly: Please follow this Google link: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

The Changes in Chinese internet content

Historical traditionally Chinese internet sites are full of information using all space available on a desktop screen; http://sina.com – Chinese news website.


Chinese websites look and feel

This combined with Chinese written works is about 30% less text than English and in main, Chinese does not use space as punctuation. One-page Chinese data contains 50% to 60% more information than English page of data.

Chinese internet sites design has undergone major changes over the last 5 years. This is not to make the contents look "Western" in style.

This is due to the use of internet sites on mobiles and tablets. The design for these display formats demands mainly that the information is show in column(s) with many links between and down the pages.


Chinese websites look and feel

Look and feel of your business on the Chinese internet recommendations

  • Give that China internet users are mostly mobile / tablet, make sure your internet sites in mobile / tablet friendly
  • Other than any changes required for mobiles / tablets, keeping your internet site in your local format will help keep a “genuine” look and feel of the brands, products and services
  • Local hosting of your internet site in China / Hong Kong; increase response time
  • Local language for SEO data; each key web page description and tittle
  • Menu translation as required to strengthen Chinese search engines SEO
  • Heading translation as required to strengthen Chinese search engines SEO

If you developing an internet site for the Chinese market, we recommended keeping the look and feel “overseas”. Your internet site to look and feel does not to follow the Chinese look and feel. There is a problem in China with the Chinese knowing if the product you are looking to purchase is a “copy” product or not. By having your internet site keep the “overseas” look and feel will help give confidence that your internet site is genuine.

Note: beware of large images on international internet sites. They can take a long time to load inside China. Given the heavy use of the public international internet correction between China and rest of world.


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