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Chinese domain name structures

There are two main issues relating to a domain you need to consider when dealing in the Chinese internet marketing: -

  • TLD (Top Level Domain) is the part domain that comes after the “DOT” e.g. .com, .net, etc.
  • The name is the part domain that comes before the “DOT” e.g. “mydomain” in

For a while now, you have been able to register International Domain Name (IDN), in different languages characters e.g. Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, etc.

In the case of Chinese characters, these are Chinese TLDs are available;

  • .中国 is .CN in Simplified Chinese
  • .中國 is .CN in Traditional Chinese (Cantonese / Taiwanese)
  • .公司 is .COM in Simplified Chinese
  • .网络 is .NET in Simplified Chinese


  • (normally domain format)
  • or (normally domain format)
  • 我的域名.com (domain format in the Chinese language)
  • 我的域名.cn or 我的域名 (domain format in the Chinese language)
  • (DTL in the Chinese language)
  • 我的域名.中国 (DTL and name in the Chinese language

Sub Domain

Many of the businesses in China run on sub-domains. One of the biggest users of sub-domains is in the Alibaba B2B trade engine and Chinese e-Commerce e-mail platforms.


The use of sub domains has allowed business to publish on the internet in mainland Chinese by using the Chinee platform and therefore are using the ICP of the internet service provider. The internet service provider runs the checks on the internet contents and therefore applies the ICP rules.

For move inform please see;

  • Publishing on the internet in mainland China – Internet Contents Provider (ICP)
  • Methods on publishing on the internet in mainland China

Brand registration checks

We always recommend that your registers the company brand name(s) in China.

For more information please see Brand Registration.

When publishing a domain in mainland China the local authorities will check the Chinese brand registration database a make sure that your domain name is not same name as a registered brand. If it is, regardless of your domain ownership, you will not be allowed to this domain name in mainland China. You can still use the domain outside mainland China.

The brand registration rule does not apply outside mainland China at the time of publishing this paper. China could implement this ruling for Chinese TLDs world-wide in the future.

Our Chinese domain recommendations

Meaningful domains are useful for social media and search engines optimisation (SEO). In addition, a local domain will be priorities in search engines in China.

On the negative side, there are many different types of domain and TLD available and in Chinese most domain names on business cards, websites, etc, have been replaced with QR codes. Therefore, people do not need to remember the domain name. The brand name is far more important in China.

For more information please see QR codes.

The most successful domain name in China are names which have a cross meaning between Pingyin and English.

Here is our recommendation on the Chinese domain name importance.


Domain name and TLD


CN - English


CN – Chinese language


中国  CN - Chinese


中國  CN – Cantonese / Taiwanese


公司  COM - Chinese


网络   NET - Chinese


HK - English


TW - English



For more information please see please see;

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