Chinese dedicated IT present

Chinese dedicated IT presents

Chinese dedicated IT presents check list available

There is large difference in the way the Chinese have approach the internet services.

Outside China the internet services have grown by business publishing their own websites. Today working alongside the business websites there are growing use of e-Mall department stores websites i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.

Inside China business use of e-Mall department stores came first staring with Alibaba (B2B marketing) and then China Amazon, Taobao, JDBuy (360buy), TMall, etc. (B2C).

  Company Direct Marketing & e-Commerce sites
e-Mall Department Stores (Amazon, TMall, eBay, etc.)
Properties Individual and dedicated internet service Shared internet service
In-side China 25% of business traded on-line 75% of business traded on-line
Out-side China 75% of business traded on-line 25% of business traded on-line
Set up costs and deposits (SME)** £10k £50k+
Running costs** less then 20% of turnover high than 30% of turnover
Marketing** No existing Customer e-Mall existing customers
Marketing investment effect** Only marketing your products and site Marketing yours and other similar products
Marketing costs** Very high Manageable
Chinese protection of products***

Genuine products

Real Overseas

Maybe copy products

May not believe the source

 ** The estimated cost of an overseas business doing business on internet in mainland China

 *** This only works if you own your Band in China ... please start your approach to China by registering band / products trademark in China

The above is to give you a few ideas and thoughts to add to your development on how to approach to the Chinese internet market.

If you have a band or range of products which are already known to the Chinese market then approaching the Chinese market with a dedicated service is the approach to Chinese market that should be considered.

If new to the Chinese market then been part of the e-Mall stores is a good place to start backed up with your own business marketing website accessible and available on the Chinese internet.

Note: - Please make sure your business trademark is registered in China before you start any marketing / selling in China.

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