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Domain names

As you may be aware there are two main parts to a domain you need to consider when purchasing a domain:-

TLD (Top Level Domain) this is part after the “DOT” e.g. .com, .net, etc.

Domain name – The name that before the “DOT” e.g.

For a while now you have been able to register International Domains Name (IDN), domain in different language characters e.g. Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, etc.

In the case of Chinese characters, we are able to offer Chinese TLDs

.中国 is .CN in Simplified Chinese

.中國 is .CN in Traditional Chinese

.公司 is .COM in Simplified Chinese

.网络 is .NET in Simplified Chinese

Examples; (normally domain format) (normally domain format)

我的域名.com (domain format using a Chinese language)

我的域名.cn (domain format using a Chinese language) (DTL using a Chinese language)

我的域名.中国 (DTL and domain format using a Chinese language)

Sub Domain Names

Many of the businesses in China run on sub-domains. One of the biggest use of sub-domains is in the Alibaba B2B trade engine.

Example; - Shandong Zhonghu Heavy Industry (Alibaba) - J&D Gold Ltd (Alibaba) - Ancient Wisdom Marketing Limited (Alibaba) - Ella baby food (TMall) - Domo (TMall)

The use of sub domains have allowed business to publish internet content by using the ICP of the inetrent service provider. The internet service provider runs the checks on the internet contents.

Band registration checks

We always recommend that your registers the company band name(s) in China.

When publishing a domain or sub domain in China the local authorities will check the brand registration database a make sure that the domain name is not same name as a registered band. If it is, regardless of domain ownership, you will not be allowed to this domain name in mainland China.

Web page last modified: May 2018