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Access to China and its staff have been trading in China for over 20 years.

In past our company have manufactured over 50 products in China for international businesses. Work that we enjoyed the most is exporting to China.

In China the business structure for international trading is based around trade shows, export companies and increasingly the internet.

There is a problem in the way information is presented on the internet in China, the part the rest of the world, then it comes to B2B trading on the internet.

In China the main B2B trading search engine is Alibaba ( ). This trade search engine has not widely used outside China by business to list their products. In is used by many business outside to source products from Chinese manufacturing. Given its limited contents of overseas of overseas businesses it has limited use for a Chinese business looking to trade overseas.

Outside China business use Google. This is not an option inside China.

The search engine in China is Baidu ( ) There issues with using Baidu for searching for overseas businesses

  • Like all search engines listing will be given to local websites in this case website hosted inside mainland China.
  • Most overseas websites do not have Chinese content and therefore will not listed when a business searches for a company in Chinese (the normally way for a Chinese internet search
  • There are specific issues with Baidu search. You can pay for your business to be presented at the top of the search results. With Google this is show with an “Ad” logo. This is not case with Baidu, you cannot tell if you are looking at an “Ad” or the good match to your search request. Locally in China this is known as a corrupt search result.

In summary Baidu gives a poor results for business wishing to trade overseas.The other option for Chinese business looking for product from overseas is to use a Chinese export / import company. There are two types of export / import companies in China.

  • An extension of Chinese manufacturing business. Often when you purchase from a manufacturing company in China you will be presented with two businesses: the local manufacturing business and export company which is often an extension of the manufacturing business. The reason for two businesses is that Export Company have to be a specifically Chinese registered company to trade overseas and claim sales taxes back on exports.
  • Major Export / Import Company specifically for oversea trading in many product lines. These companies are historically are government owned and trade in millions $US per month. Again like all other businesses in China has limited access to overseas company data. The main advantage for a Chinese business for using major Export / Import company is their understanding of the Chinese rules and regulations. 

Access to China when facing the China market defines are business at IT and export company. The IT projects we are undertaking this this year are all about exporting to China.

By Access to China presenting its business to the Chinese market as an export company it creates a better understanding it what our business and helps to fill a gap in the Chinese market.

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