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Chinese Data Centre

The Data Centre

Access to China services are hosted in one of few Tier IV designed Data Centre in China, located outside Shanghai in Suzhou.

Tier IV data centre is considered the most robust and less prone to failures. Tier IV is designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage etc.) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods. Naturally, the simplest is a Tier I data centre used by small business or shops.

  • Tier I = Non-redundant capacity components (single uplink and servers).
  • Tier II = Tier I + Redundant capacity components.
  • Tier III = Tier I + Tier II + Dual-powered equipment and multiple uplinks.
  • Tier IV = Tier I + Tier II + Tier III + all components are fully fault-tolerant including uplinks, storage, chillers, HVAC systems, servers etc. Everything is dual-powered.

The Data Centre service levels also describe the availability of data from the hardware at a location as follows:


  • Tier I: Guaranteeing 99.671% availability.
  • Tier II: Guaranteeing 99.741% availability.
  • Tier III: Guaranteeing 99.982% availability.
Tier IV: Guaranteeing 99.995% availability.