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Chinese IT Services

Access to Data Centre Services in China

Access to China turns IT solutions into business services you can market and sell in China.

China is the world’s fastest growing market. We recommend that all companies, both national and international, should have an internet marketing presents in China.

National - Chinese tourist are now the “largest spenders” in Europe. Make sure they know about your business before visiting the UK

International – 1.3 Billion people live in China. They are the fastest growing users of the internet. 134 million Chinese people (as at March 2012) use e-Commerce. 
Chinese Data Centre Services
Marketing your e-commerce site in China

Marketing your e-commerce site in China

Locally hosted website in China with a Chinese domain name (e.g. 凯帕丽.cn, 凱帕麗.中国), in the Chinese language with links to your e-Commerce site outside China. This will enable local listings in Chinese search engines and in turn your Business and products/services can be seen within China.

For more information please see our Marketing in China Internet brochure. Download here ...

Have your own company e-Commerce site in China

Have your own company e-Commerce site in China

We create a store for your products / services in China and run it on your behalf. Our e-Commerce sites come in three parts; PC, Mobile and wholesale. There are over 150 million smart mobile (PDAs) users in China, therefore an e-Commerce site must have mobile interface. The wholesale interface is also very important for the Chinese market. Most products today in China are sold through distribution channels. A wholesale e-Commerce interface will enable you to develop this market in China.

We recommend an e-Commerce site for wholesale development and on-going distribution. Download here ...

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtualisation enables you to reduce the number of physical servers your business uses. By consolidating them, you can automate routine processes, increase organisational agility and maximise server utilisation.

We can provide tailor-made virtual solutions that fit your business requirements. Whether you need one or a cluster of virtual servers, we can deliver the solution you need.

System as a Service (SaaS)

System as a Service (SaaS)

We work with businesses outside China to develop systems for the Chinese market. We are currently working on hotel industry projects which will be launched in China in spring 2013. Once this phase of our work is completed we will be looking for new ideas and projects.

Directed Hardware

Directed Hardware

This is where we supply the server(s) in our data centre in China which are up and running for your use.

We use mid and high range enterprise standard branded hardware servers, and support Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Server hardware can be configured in any way that is supported by the supplier, be it number of disks, CPU size or memory capacity.

Co-located Hardware

Co-Located hardware is where you put your company’s servers, switches, etc. into our Data Centre. This service is generally the same as a dedicated server(s). This service is often used for non-standard hardware. We will manage your hardware as you require and make sure it can be successfully supported in China to an agreed service level.

Our Support services

Access to China goes beyond the standard Data Centre services offered in China. We understand for the China marketing, rules and regulation for companies. We support your implementation in China by:-

  • European 24 hour  x 7 days support
  • UK Managed Firewall
  • Chinese Domains & IP addresses
  • Local Chinese licencing
  • Local Chinese Company
  • Local Chinese knowledge
  • Chinese Language