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Why have a presence in China?

1) Website Response Time

Web page response times test results for: Typical web page test results

Web page response times from inside China

China has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

The difficulty is when local Chinese users access websites outside of China. This graph shows your web page response times from browsers in China on both of the main Chinese internet providers and compares it to your web page response time in Europe and USA. This results in slower access times and lost sales opportunities for your company.

The solution: Publish your company's key information on the Chinese internet

2) Language and Search Engines

Web searching in China is predominantly done in the local character based language. This means that if your domain and website details are in Romanised English text you are limiting your visibility to Chinese search engines. A common mistake made in the west is to assume that English sites can be easily translated as required, but this overlooks the difficulty in finding them in the first place!

Top 3 Languages used on the Internet World-Wide

  Language 2010 2011
1 English 27.3% 26.8%
2 Chinese 22.6% 24.2%
3 Spanish  7.8%  7.8%

The solution: Translate your company's key information into Chinese and publish in China

3) Chinese Domains

Publishing your translated website in China with a Chinese domain name in the local language shows commitment to the world's biggest markets.

We supply "cn" as a group of 6 domains in simplified and traditional Chinese.
We recommend using a Chinese language domain with "com" and "cn".

The solution: Purchase Chinese local domains and host them in China

4) Chinese Mobile Users (Smart-phones)

There are over 150 million mobile smart phones accessing the internet in China today. As the other subscribers upgrade over the next few years it will result in over a billion Chinese mobile smart-phones, and will become the most used method for surfing the internet.

Mobile subscribers in China by operator March 2012

Operator Subscribers Smart-phone
China Mobile 667.2 million 59.6 million
China Unicom 209.5 million 48.9 million
China Telecom 135.8 million 43.6 million
Total 1,028.5 million 152.1 million

The solution: Write and publish your company's website in mobile smart-phone format

Last updated - November 2012