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International Chinese Internet

 International Chinese Internet

The international internet from / to China runs slowly (often at less than 54kbps for a file transfer). This is compounded for European web sites as the internet traffic travels east from China covering over 70% of the world to get to Europe.

The routes for CNC and CT traffic in and out of China are very different along with their speeds. It can be 300ms to 750ms depending on the time of day and events around the world.

You can test your web site response time from China here …

Access to China has two solutions to increase your web site response time greatly

  • ATC local Proxy server – is a copy of your web site is published in China which has been copied and maintained by the proxy server. ATC proxy server monitors your overseas web site and updates the local web site as required. The works very well for company information pages and product picture where information is not been changed hourly.
  • Publish your web site in China. We offer hosting packages in China which as explained above is available on to both CT and CNC from a single hosting. This gives your site full local response time on some fastest internet in the world.

You also need to consider a splash web page in Chinese. Please see “Be Seen”.

In addition you will require ICP certification for both ATC proxy and local web publishing. We request this on your behalf.  See Chinese ICP certification.

International internet to / from China International internet to / from China  International internet to / from China 

Last updated April 2012