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Example of Chinese Websites

Examples of Chinese Websites

To help with the understanding of Chinese website "look & feel" we have listed a few examples below.

We recommend that you used a browser that translates the website text into your local language. An example of this type of browser is Google Chome. This can down loaded from here ...

If you are using Internet Explorer and see square boxes instead of Chinese letters you will need to add the Chinese fonts to your PC. Please follow the instructions in this link to add the Chinese fonts:

Please note; that the translated process will only convert text in a web page and not information in images.


Chinese news website:-

e-Commerce "Department Store" website:-

Chinese Search engine:-

Trade fair:-


You can use the Canton Fair website to access many B2B website in China directly.


The Chinese have the same problems with their website response times when access from China as an overseas website access from inside China. This why we recommend always hosting on local internet provider in the local language.

Last update: October 2012