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Publishing a Domain in Mainland China

China’s internet is used by hundreds of millions of people. The development of IT is part of the country's five year plan. 

Overseas companies can run their web site without having a local China company by using a Chinese Hosting provider. The exception is where you are processing on-line payments. If this is the case you need a local Chinese company to pay taxes and perform company returns etc.

Your products and services are subject to local laws’, rules’ and certifications’ e.g. electrical goods will require “CCC” certification and labeling.

Please remember that the local laws’, rules’ and certification are applied during importing to China so in the example of electrical goods “CCC” certification and labeling still apply.

If your web site is processing orders and payments this part of the web site should remain outside of China. It also need to be “clear” that it is an overseas purchase where products been supplied from overseas.

It is subjective what is “clear”. A web site is reviewed as part of the ICP certification process and ruling made.

ICP certification is required for all web sites running on a main land Chinese IP address.

Any international or Chinese locally registered domain or sub domain can be used.

There are certain content in China that is not allowed. E.g. pornographic, foreign social web sites, gambling, anti-central government commit. Web site with these types of contents is cut-off from the internet by IP address.

The certification rules in Hong Kong are different. Please remember that main land China access Hong Kong web sites over the international internet via LA. See Chinese internet details.

Domain Names and Routing

Domain name is the label that identifies you and your company on internet e.g. A hostname links your domain name to IP address and in turn the internet routes your domain to the server with the IP addresses.

You can have different IP addresses for different parts of your website and services e.g. Email can be on server in the Europe and website in China.

What often gets overlooked is the use of sub-domains. This is where you add a label to the front of your domain name followed by a dot. e.g. or You do not need to complete additional domain registration and create any subdomain you wish. All you need is a hostname records for the sub domain (this is supplied by your domain hosting provide). This IP address could be for service published on a different server in a different country.

Using sub domains means you can offer locally information from a single domain. A good example of this is where you are routed to the local dell web site of your country.

Access to China performs the same function within China e.g. can be routed to our local service. e.g. and

Please note: - Geographical DNS do not work in China as the two internet suppliers do not share IP addresses in a data centre. For service running on CNC and CT you will have two IP addresses. A Geographical DNS will route the traffic to China correctly but within China it does have the functionality to select the fastest network for your services.

Last updated - March 2012