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Chinese e-Commerce

Access to the Chinese e-Commerce Market

Start trading in China without leaving your Office!

Chinese e-Commerce sites are the fastest growing in the world. There are over 600 million users of the internet in China. In 2012, Taobao (Chinese eBay look alike mainly selling new not used goods), became the world's highest trading e-Commerce site.

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* = Cost for one year’s hosting; ** = The costs for setting up the e-Commerce services. The on-line site management costs will depend on type and size of the products / services and will be based on turnover. The only fixed cost is for the set up.

There are trading requirement differences between Chinese e-Commerce sites and the rest of the world.

  • You need to be a local Chinese company to operate an e-Commerce site in mainland China. This enables the Chinese authorities to collect taxes and apply regulations. The General Manager (Chinese name for the CEO / Managing Director) is held legally responsible for all website content and trading.
  • Before operating an e-Commerce site in China your local staff must complete a government course annually in internet trading and obtain an e-Commerce trading licence. This only applies if you are running an e-Commerce site. If you are selling using an existing e-Commerce "Department Store" site, e.g. Amazon China, you need to have a local Chinese business; you do not need an e-Commerce trading license. This is one of the main reasons for the established  e-Commerce "Department Store" sites being so successful in China along with record in low risk trading.
  • All products / services being sold on a Chinese e-Commerce site need to have a letter from the manufacturer / product owner confirming you have been authorised to sell the goods / services on the internet in China. The e-commerce "Department Store” does not always enforce this rule for small unit sales. The Chinese government introduced this rule to reduce product counterfeits.
  • A domain name cannot include the name of an existing registered brand name in China.

These rules and regulations do not apply to overseas e-Commerce sites.

Overseas e-Commerce sites can be used from within China. The purchases are subjected to local taxes and import duty as the shipment of goods enters China. The local taxes do not currently apply to Services, downloads, eBooks etc.  

Internet trading rules and regulations in China are being updated regularly to protect the end consumer and collection of taxes. You may find an overseas website been blocked in China if they are seen to be avoiding taxes, rules and regulations.

Marketing Presence - Marketing your e-commerce site in China

Locally hosted website in China with a Chinese domain name (e.g. 凯帕丽.cn, 凱帕麗.中国), in the Chinese language with links to your e-Commerce site outside China. This will enable local listings in Chinese search engines and in turn your Business and products/services can be seen within China.

For more information please see our Marketing in China Internet brochure. (download here...)

Trading Presence – Start Trading in popular e-Commerce sites in China

There are many popular e-Commerce "Department Store" sites in China. These include Amazon China, 360buy, Taobao, etc. Access to China has the local Chinese presence to trade in China e-Commerce "Department Stores". We will create a local internet shop in one or more of these sites on your company behalf. This is a simple and cost effective way to start trading in China and determine the sales potential for your products / services.

Store Presence – Have your own company e-Commerce site in China

We create a store for your products / services in China and run it on your behalf. Our e-Commerce sites come in three parts; PC, Mobile and wholesale. There are over 150 million smart mobile (PDAs) users in China, therefore an e-Commerce site must have mobile interface. The wholesale interface is also very important for the Chinese market. Most products today in China are sold through distribution channels. A wholesale e-Commerce interface will enable you to develop this market in China.

We recommend an e-Commerce site for wholesale development and on-going distribution.

Distribution Presence - Supporting the growth of e-Commerce site & the development of Group Sales

As the success of an e-Commerce site grows we can support the on-line management and distribution of the products and services in China. This stage only has to be implemented once the e-Commerce presence is successful.

In addition, at this stage of a product's selling cycle the opportunity is created by having larger amounts of stock available in China for Group Sales. This is where you sell an amount of stock at a discounted price and only fulfil the order once all the units of stock allocated to the sale are sold. This type of sale is very popular with buying clubs in China and creates a fast turnover of stock at a better than wholesale price.

Chinese Business – We support your company creating a Chinese business

 Access to China will support you in creating a Chinese business. This stage only needs to be undertaken if the growth in your business demands it. As throughout all the other stages Access to China has been performing all the action necessary to support your business in China.

This approach allows you to start trading in China at low cost and low risk.