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Beyond China

If you want to go beyond your current customer base into new overseas markets you need to be seen in the internet.  Businesses, governments, etc.  start looking for suppliers of products and services in the internet using local languages and search engines.

We have a cost effective method to reach overseas markets:-

Blast: we create a splash page in ten languages of your choosing, and publish & index in the search engines world-wide.

Review: monitor the use of the Splash page in each language and determine which markets give the best response.

Focus: using the information from the review, make an informed investment into developing Websites for specific language(s) / Market(s)


    French splash page      
  Spanish splash page
  German splash page    
  Turkish splash page
Your current website in your local language Italian splash page    
Japanese splash page    
  Russian splash page    
  Chinese splash page
  Brazilian Portuguese splash page    
  Arabic splash page    

How do we do this:-

Service Details Blast

Blast Plus

Silver Gold Platinum

Maximum word count for translation and proofreading
(Approximate number of pages)











Mobile Website / Pages N Y Y Y Y
Domain name acquisition N N N Y Y
Website hosting Y Y Y Y Y
Press release & distribution Y Y Y Y Y
 Blast  £295  £395  £985  £1,295  £1,595
5 languages  £1,402  £1,876  £3,900  £5,200  £6,400
10 languages  £2,655  £3,555  £8,900  £11,500  £13,900

For a full translation of your website and marketing material we recommend purchasing our cost effectively bulk-buy translation services.

Words Price Price per Word
10,000 £1,500 £0.150
50,000 £7,250 £0.145
100,000 £13,000 £0.130
250,000 £30,000 £0.120
500,000 £55,000 £0.110
• Lows overall translation costs
• A bulk-buy can be for any for 90 languages is an combination
• Allows for small amount of words to be translated
                                                           (starting at 50 words)

Last updated - November 2012