Publishing in Mainland China - ICP and SP website certification

pubishing in mainland china

To publish your internet contents on internet in the mainland China you need the following;

  • ICP (Internet Contents Publication) certificate for your domain name. Once a domain name has ICP you must publish it China or cancel the ICP.

To request an ICP this you need to be a business registered in China


Use a sub domain name where the hosting ISP managers the ICP.

In Access to China case we currently offer; / cn / hk / cn / hk

  • SP (Service Provider) certification for your domain name

Again you will need a Chinese business to request this certifcation

Any on-line sales will be subject to Chinese tax rules, regulation and product certification


by creating two websites

Listing of your business products and services with prices / terms and link to order website in Hong Kong

Hong Kong website is where the customer orders the goods

This is the current business practices for TMall and JDBuy global.

Hong Kong is a free trade zero. Please check the with local Hong Kong authorities for the local tax law as the rule and regulations if you plan sale on-line from Hong Kong.

Web page last modified: June 2017