Being seen on the internet in China

There are many reasons why your website is not been seen in China. Below are lists of reasons and corrections for your consideration.

Many of the points raised apply to a website been seen anywhere in the world and therefore changing your website for internet in China will help your business internet visibility world-wide.

If you need any further help on the points raised, found an errors, or points not covered please contact as:

Website Contents

Your website contents in many ways is the simplest to adapt for the Chinese market. While there are elements of change which performed by your website developer, e.g. making the website be seen clearly on a mobile, most of the change is around the contents of your website and therefore the changes needs to driven by your business.

Having simple few website pages, i.e. your business card and brochure, is better than a website which is incorrect when trading overseas.

If time does allow for major website changes we recommend simplifying your website and removing out of date contents.

Website Hosting

In the General Press you often see "The Great Chinese Firewall" blocking overseas websites. While there are websites blocked in China it is not the main reason for business website not be seen in China.

The public internet between the China and Europa goes through USA and therefore internet traffic travels long distances to and from China. This greatly slow down the performance of your business website.


Your domain name informs the internet where your company published information can be found on the internet.

With the increasing amount of the domains names available and amount of data accessible throughout the internet, it is important you have an understanding what is happening with your domain names and how you can use this to your advantage.

Distribution channels

There are many different ways of using the internet to market and sell your products and services.

The internet is always changing as new ideas and new services become available.

These we call the Channels to market to distribute your published internet contents and sell product and services: Distribution Channels.