This sees the start of the B2C66 project implementation in mainland China during 2018.

This will include;

  • e-Mall website in mainland Chinese selling directly to the Chinese end consumer
  • your overseas products been proactively listed in Chinese search engines and social media
  • B2C66 search engine

Move information on B2C66 project

Our services are listed below

Order from http://store.accesstochina.com


Register your interest

This project is being made ready for 2018 implementation.

If you are able to support our development of a consumer e-Commerce service in mainland China for overseas products please can you register your company’s interest?

B2C66 domain name - £29.50 / 2 years

To be part of the B2C66 service in the future we recommend your business purchase a B2C66 domain name.

B2C66 dot COM domain name we included Chinese and Hong Kong B2B66 domain names. Each B2C66 domain purchase you receive three domain names.

  • b2c66.com
  • b2c66.cn
  • b2c66.hk

If you register a domain is appropriate for Chinese market or belongs or name belongs to another band / company we refund your money or help you find the right domain name for your business.



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