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Website Dispute

Chinese Website Dispute

If you find a Chinese web site which has copied your site / products we recommend a few checks and actions which may help resolve the problem:-

  • Is the web site published in China? Any legal action will need to be in the country of publication. A “Who Is” will determine where the web site is Published...
  • Does the web site have an ICP certification number at the bottom of the home page? If not, they can be reported for not having a certification along with your problems with their web site.
  • Report the problem to the hosting company for the web site. This can be done in any country. Web site hosting providers do not want trouble or bad publicity and therefore often remove a web site if it becomes an issue to them. 
  • Remember the rules you need to follow to publish a website also apply to all website in China. China has created these rules to protect the use of the internet therefore if raising a dispute based in on the Chinese internet rules

Last updated April 2012