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ICP Certification


China Internet Content Provider (ICP) Certification

To publish a website in China you require a ICP certificate which you then add the ICP number to the bottom of web site pages.

ICP certification is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The application is free and you apply for it at Local knowledge, language and management of any issues raised does greatly help in the certification process. Any China hosting products purchased from Access to China includes us managing of the ICP process on your behalf.

The ICP certification is only needed for web sites running in China. This is determined by the IP address the URL is mapped too. If the IP address is in China then it needs an ICP certificate.

If you have a Chinese domain ( or .cn) published outside China you do not need an ICP certificate. The web site will need to publishing to ICP rules else domain can be cut-off from China.

There two type of ICP certification

  • Web Site with no on-line payment process. (ICP备案 -ICP Bei An)  This requires, regardless if it is commercial or private web site, will need ICP certificate. You do not need your own Chinese business for this type of ICP certification.
  • Web Site with an on-line payment process. (ICP许可证 -ICP Xu Ke Zheng). This also requires will need ICP certificate and you need to be a Chinese business. The ICP certification is also a lot more complex and often involves site visits by Chinese Ministry staff to make sure your company has the products, funds, process etc. to trade on-line. They are checking on-line traders which cheat customers and do not file taxes etc.

Access to China has both ICP certifications. While both are available to our customers, please read "Internet Retailing" for more information on our services for on-line selling over the internet. 

If a web site does not have an ICP certificate it will, in time, be blocked on the internet by IP address. As this is blocked in China for web sites published in China you will not be able to see the web site from outside China.

In addition to domain certificate, if you selling B to C and processing on-line payments you also require product / service certification stating that you have internet distribution rights from the company of manufacture / author / etc.

Given these processes and requirements you will often find small Chinese companies publishing their web sites outside China. 

Last updated May 2012