Want to grow your business in China?

Are you getting your share of the large yearly growth of online and mobile shopping, trading and information gathering in China? If not, it's probably due to lack of or poor visibility on the internet to Chinese market.

If you are serious about China, you need to be visible on the Internet in China!

Most overseas websites cannot be seen in China. It is a straight forward process to correct this using Access to China products and services.

We have a unique understanding of the practical and legal web issues, restrictions and requirements in China and how to help companies have optimum web visibility there. We have over 16 years’ experience serving international companies working in China. We are proud to offer a credible, competitive and guaranteed service to our clients.

Our company was founded to help business be seen in China on the internet and to give software companies access to the Chinese market.

This month we see the start of our own Cloud Hosting Services in China. We believe this is a first for an overseas company in China.

Our knowledge and advice is free. Our Chinese Cloud Hosting Services is available when you want to make a start in the Chinese market.


If we ask the same question outside China you see Amazon, Ebay, etc can be the given as the answer.

For B2C e-Commerce market the Search Engines are playing a lesser role today and then they did in the past.

In China they are having success keeping the customers within the same distribution channels by creating new tools and applications to enhance customer experience.

In the early stages of considering entering into the Chinese market it is important to look at the Distribution Channel operating in China at that time. Most of the research can be done from your office without having to visit China. Here are a few questions to get you started searching the Chinese B2B and B2C websites.

  • Is my product(s) already been sold in China?
  • What are my known competitors sell in China?
  • What are the Chinese competitors selling on the internet in China?